CONASAS has been with the Investment Banking division for 9 years already, where it has positioned itself as a leading and independent financial advisory firm in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions - M & A, Fairness Opinions and Restructuring for the Middle Market. It also serves the corporate finance needs of companies and their shareholders in Mexico and Latin America.

CONASAS is particularly focused on the infrastructure, real estate and energy sectors.

We provide advice with world-class quality standards and high execution capacity in transactions, mergers, acquisitions and strategic sales. We advise public, private and global corporations, with emphasis on Mexico and Latin America.

• Buy-Side Advisory - In a buy-side engagement CONASAS will seek to assist the Company’s shareholders in a successful acquisition. The goal of this process is to obtain the most attractive possible valuation of the target. A variety of strategies depending on confidentiality needs and time-sensitivity can be used to complete a successful acquisition: negotiated acquisition, multiple-round auction or unsolicited approach.

  • Sell-Side Advisory - A sell-side M&A engagement is the process through which CONASAS seeks to maximize a company’s value by executing a full or partial sale to a third party. The goal of this process is to efficiently meet the objectives of shareholders and maximize the valuation of the company being sold. Based on the client’s needs, a sell-side engagement can proceed through a variety of different mechanisms: full or partial sale, joint venture, spin-off or split-off.

CONASAS has advised public and private companies with respect to capital raising, including private debt and mezzanine placements often related to M & A Advisory transactions or other strategic processes.

The firm has access to a network of public and private investors comprised of financial institutions, private equity firms, venture capital funds, private investors and individuals, which allows us to offer the best financing terms and conditions.

We help our clients by defining the optimal capital structure that their businesses should have, structuring financing and injections of capital, and managing the process to obtain said financial resources.

The sources of capital today are global. The firm has access to a network of public and private investors composed of financial institutions, private equity firms, venture capital funds, private investors and individuals, which allows us to offer our clients the best terms and conditions for each of their financing needs.

CONASAS brings objectivity, neutrality, experience and negotiation skills to the restructuring processes in which it participates, thereby balancing the interests of all the parties involved: shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers and employees.

CONASAS issues Fairness Opinions based on a robust, exhaustive and comprehensive financial analysis. A Fairness Opinion issued by an independent financial advisor is a risk management and mitigation tool to comply with corporate governance requirements.

CONASAS has advised and structured several Project Financing mandates in the energy, mining, electric and infrastructure sectors.

We have advised financial institutions, construction and management consortia, equipment suppliers and holders of concessions for the delivery of public services, in the financing of infrastructure and public and privatized projects.

Project finance is the funding (financing) of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services using a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure. The debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.

Project financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project's cash flow for repayment, with the project's assets, rights, and interests held as secondary collateral.

Project finance is especially attractive to the private sector because companies can fund major projects off-balance sheet.

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